A story which is still being written today.

      David Andrew Chapman, President and namesake of David's Embroidery, began working in the industry just before the Christmas season of 1995. A little kiosk in Montgomery Mall, of Bethesda, Maryland, was the location. At the time, it was "Bags and Sew On," but the owner, Sheri, soon changed the name to Monogram It All.
      As one of Sheri's first employees, David worked as a single head machine operator, retail salesperson, and eventually assistant manager, helping to train those who would follow. David was attending college at the University of Maryland, and after more than three years working for Sheri, took some time away from embroidery to finish his studies.

      After graduation, David decided to pursue a job as a digitizer. Monogram It All was not equipped with in-house digitizing, so David found a company that was willing to take a chance on training a new designer: Embroidery Works. There, David learned digitizing design techniques from the best in the industry, and became a valuable asset to the company.

      A few short years later, David's Embroidery was born, with a simple mission to give the New Orleans area something new and different: a retail, customer oriented, full-service embroidery operation.

      The success story has just begun, and people are taking notice. David teamed up with Metairie Photo and Gifts in November, 2003, to service the retail customer who wants the most unique gift of all: something personalized. David's Embroidery has a turnaround time second to none, with the ability to finish items in less than an hour. In a city where most embroidery companies want at least twelve (12) items, or 3-4 days to complete an order, David is able to do just one item and get it to you in a MAXIMUM of 1 day, even during the busiest times of the year (including Christmas!).

      In the month of December, 2003, David's Embroidery did over 600 items for individual customers, and was still able to provide same day and next day service. No customer was denied the fastest turnaround time possible: one hour or less!

      The close of Metairie Photo and Gifts, on March 31, 2004, came as a suprise to the community, and will certainly be missed. As circumstances change, businesses either adapt or disapear, and David's Embroidery is no exception. David's Embroidery and Gifts is now focused on the corporate and small business customer, while still providing excellent service to individual customers from his home office in Metairie.

      The future looks bright for David's Embroidery and Gifts, and the focus will always be the same: superior service, fastest turnaround time available anywhere, and the highest quality of standards of any company.